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16 stories

We worked together with the Providence St. Joseph Health team to craft 16 custom stories, with more on the way.


Over 125,000 individual people in Providence St. Joseph Health's target audience read the stories we produced.

60 million+

We've delivered over 60,000,000 impressions to Providence St. Joseph Health's target audience throughout the United States.


In 2016, Providence Health & Services and St. Joseph Health came together as Providence St. Joseph Health. Together, their 119,000-plus caregivers/employees serve in 51 hospitals, more than 800 clinics and a comprehensive range of health and social services across Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Texas, California, and New Mexico.

Not only do they provide top-notch technology and high-quality, compassionate health care, but they also advocate for vulnerable populations and needed reforms. Health is a human right and Providence St. Joseph Health is passionate about ensuring all are heard and cared for.

Well Being Trust was founded by Providence St. Joseph Health in 2016 with a lofty mission: to transform the health of the nation and improve well-being for everyone. As an independent public charity, Well Being Trust works to advance clinical, community, and cultural change to help everyone across the United States be well both, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

The Providence St. Joseph Health family includes Providence Health & Services across seven western states

  • St. Joseph Health

    California and Texas
  • Covenant Health

    West Texas
  • Facey Medical Foundation

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Pacific Medical Centers

    Seattle, WA
  • Hoag Memorial Presbyterian

    Orange County, CA
  • Swedish Health Services

    Seattle, WA



Providence St Joseph Health and Well Being Trust have incredible stories to tell, and we wanted to make sure their unique voice was heard


Providence St. Joseph Health not only set out to raise awareness surrounding their brand but to provide valuable and even life-changing information to their communities


Passionate about storytelling and education, a major goal for Providence St. Joseph Health was to share how they are working to help communities through Well Being Trust


Providence St. Joseph Health plans to continue to utilize the library of evergreen content we've created as both a resource for patients and for future digital campaigns


Our Creative Strategy team worked with Providence St. Joseph Health to craft a series of stories focusing on a variety of topics, all under the umbrella of overall health. According to the philosophy of overall health, all aspects of our being are affected by one another and health is a seen as a holistic combination of mental, physical, emotional, and environmental wellness.

Topics covered include

Mental Health Awareness

Workplace Health

Community Health

Clinical Research

Environmental Health

Diversity & Gender Equality


The Homelessness Crisis

Social Determinants of Health

Women's Health

Mary Renouf-Hanson

Associate Vice President of Social and Influencer Strategy for Providence St. Joseph HealthAVP of Integrated Communications for Well Being Trus

The StoryStudio team really digs in to understand the brand, the mission, and the overall needs of the campaign. It isn’t a cookie-cutter solution; it’s custom content that delivers on the objective of the current campaign.”

"Each story has a different audience or a different goal, and yet, the StoryStudio team always reaches the right target audience and over-delivers on campaign results."

We explored topics such as stress management, preventative medicine, and aging in depth throughout the campaign. We wanted to make sure to connect the dots for the audience to not only educate readers about overall health, but to inspire them to take action.

Providence St. Joseph Health is proud to take a stand for issues they believe in and their strong values are something we wanted to make sure were emphasized.

We focused targeting for the campaigns to their primary marketings: the San Francisco Bay Area and the Seattle Metro area, with secondary targeting throughout the United States. We are continuing to expand targeting to new regional markets as Providence St. Joseph Health’s organization grows. Each story in the campaign had a custom distribution strategy using a combination of tactics, including geographic, contextual, and demographic targeting.

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For future campaigns, we are partnering with Providence St. Joseph Health to produce video and interactive content to pair with editorial layouts.


Creating valuable, educational content that matters has truly resonated with their audience

With over 60 million impressions delivered within the Hearst network to date, Providence St. Joseph Health’s StoryStudio campaign has helped them reach the people that matter to them.

Over 125,000 people in their target audience read and interacted with their stories, learning about the incredible advances in medicine they are making and about the programs they offer, spending an average of 3:38 minutes with the content.

StoryStudio has truly been a great partner, and I know that I will continue my relationship as this group always goes above and beyond to help me and my team to exceed our goals.”

Mary Renouf-Hanson
Impression served


Brand engagements


The average time spent on story pages was

3:38 minutes

Stories were read by over

125,000 people

Overdelivered contracted engagements by more than


Storytelling is both an art and a science

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